Call For Papers

Authors are invited to submit contributions for review and possible presentation at the symposium on advancements and innovations in the fields of electromagnetics, antennas, and wave propagation. Potential session organizers are welcome to propose specific technical topics. Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore’s scope and quality requirements

Below are some suggested topics:

A. Antennas
A1. Small Antennas and RF Sensors
A2. Antennas for Mobile and V2X Applications
A3. Broadband and Multi-band Antennas
A4. Active, Adaptive, On-Chip and Smart Antennas
A5. Tunable and Reconfigurable Antennas
A6. Planar/Printed Antennas and Arrays
A7. Antenna Theory and Design
A8. Antenna Measurements
A9. Millimeter-wave, Terahertz and Optical Antennas
A10. Metamaterials and Metasurfaces for Antennas
B. Propagation
B1. Indoor and Mobile Propagation
B2. Millimeter-wave, THz and Optical Propagation
B3. Propagation for V2X and IoT
B4. Channel Sounding and Channel Estimation
B5 Radar, DOA, localization and Sensing
B6. Remote Sensing
B7. Terrestrial, Earth-Space and Ionospheric Propagation
B8. Propagation Fundamentals B9. Propagation Measurement Techniques
C. Electromagnetic-wave Theory
C1. Computational Electromagnetics
C2. Time-Domain Techniques
C3. Scattering, Diffraction and RCS
C4. Inverse and Imaging Techniques
C5. Optimization Methods in EM Problems
C6. Passive and Active Components
C7. Frequency Selective Surfaces and Filters
C8. EBG, Metamaterials and Periodic Structures
C9. Multiscale and Multiphysics Techniques
D. AP-related Topics:
D1. Antenna Systems for Mobile Communications
D2. MIMO and Array Signal Processing
D3. AP related topics for 5G, B5G and 6G
D4. Wireless Power Transfer Technologies
D5. Wearable Device Networks and Medical Applications
D6. OAM and Near Field Communications
D7. RFID and Its Applications
D8. EMC/EMI Technologies
D9. ITS/Intelligent Mobility
D10. Wireless Communication for 5G, B5G, and 6G
D11. IoT and Wireless Networking