Online Attendance

While ISAP2022 is an on-site, in-person, conference the ongoing CoVID-19 pandemic means some delegates are not be able to attend in-person because of CoVID or CoVID related travel restrictions imposed by their countries or organistions. To accommodate the unusual situation ISAP2022 is providing on-line access to all the sessions to the best of our ability.

Papers presented by one of the paper’s authors in the on-line sessions will count as having been presented in person at the conference.

There is no change to the registration costs or requirements for on-line presenters.

The conference will be made available on-line in six zoom sessions. The sessions run from 8am until 6pm on each day of the conference. The sessions correspond to the four physical meeting rooms at the venue with an additional two on-line only sessions.

Watching On-Line Sessions

Make sure you have Zoom installed on your computer.

Access the Zoom session corresponding to your session of interest. You can find access links (named Zoom Room) at the top of the program summary in the conference web site .

Enter the password for the session provided by e-mail to presenters and registered delegates. The password is the same for all sessions.

Zoom Host Display NameZoom Meeting LinkZoom Meeting ID
ISAP2022 C3.3
ISAP2022 C3.4
ISAP2022 C3.5
ISAP2022 C3.6
ISAP2022 Online Room A
ISAP2022 Online Room B

Mute your microphone before you enter the session.

To ask questions type them into the Chat area in zoom. The Chat message goes to ALL other attendees in the session.

ISAP2022 has three types of sessions:

  • On-Site In-Person
    • These are regular conference sessions with a presenter showing their presentation slides on a screen in the meeting room and talking to the audience.
    • The sessions will be sent to the connected on-line audience via Zoom.
    • You will receive the room audio and a screen share of the presentation.
    • You will hear the room questions and the presenters responses.
    • The Zoom audio is not duplicated in the meeting room so you can ask questions by Chat message. The session chair will repeat them for the presenter to answer.
  • Hybrid
    • These sessions start as On-Site In-Person sessions.
    • You will hear the presentation and see the screen share.
    • You can ask questions by Chat.
    • Once all the On-Site papers are presented the audio will be reconfigured and the room will hear the zoom audio and see the on-line presenter’s screen share.
    • In on-line configuration you can ask questions by Chat or by voice.
    • The session chair will relay any questions from the room to the presenter by Chat message.
  • On-line
    • These are on-line only Zoom meetings.
    • You will hear the presenters audio and see their screen share.
    • You can ask questions via Chat message or voice.
    • To ask questions by voice select the “raise your hand” option in Zoom and the room coordinator will enable your audio.

If you are a presenter (either in-person or on-line) please review the Presentation Guidelines to understand what you have to do to be able to present at ISAP2022.