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Microwave Vision Group (MVG)

MVG, the Microwave Vision Group, is a premier supplier of antenna measurement and EMC testing solutions. Our systems allow users to visualize electromagnetic waves propagating in microwave frequencies and thus to evaluate the performance of antennas or devices under test. We are dedicated to the Telecommunications, Satellite, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, and EMC&CE sectors as well as research institutes. MVG brings together the technical expertise, product portfolios and infrastructures of four industry leaders: SATIMO, ORBIT/FR, AEMI, Inc, & Rainford EMC. The result is an unrivaled spectrum of key technologies and system building blocks for antenna measurement and EMC activities.
The Group provides the broadest range of measurement techniques available on the market: near-field and far-field antenna measurement, antenna technology, EMC testing, EMP, RF safety and industrial inspection, all under one roof.
Combining electronic probe arrays and precision electro-mechanical systems, our research and engineering departments are consistent in developing cutting edge technologies and in aiming to meet evolving measurement requirements, including 5G developments. MVG is the natural choice for clients seeking complete, fast, accurate and reliable testing and measurement solutions.
MVG website: www.mvg-world.com
Contact: https://www.mvg-world.com/en/contact

Rhodes & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz develops, produces and markets a wide range of electronic capital goods for industry, infrastructure operators and government customers. The independent group is among the technology and market leaders in all of its business fields, including wireless communications and RF test and measurement, broadcast and media, air traffic control and military radiocommunications, cybersecurity and network technology.

Silver Patrons


AppVision Australia is an Australian owned company with the footprint in Australia and New Zealand in test & measurement industry.

We have been presenting quality instruments brands including Siglent, Spectrum, Formfactor, RFBeam, Everbeing, Ceyear and IRay.

Our core focus is RF, mmWave, TeraHertz, Thermal Imaging and optical test and measurement. We provide instruments, accessories and system integration services across a range of vertical fields such as acedamic, commercial, telecommunication, biomedical, semiconductor and quantum science.

AppVision Australia’s vision is to make testing easier and our value is “customer first, technologies based, uncompromising integrity, embrace change”.

Conference Contact:

Chi Xu | Sales Director
AppVision Australia
Suite 1, Level 1, 22-28 Edgeworth David Ave | Hornsby NSW 2077 | Australia
M: +61 405 116 240
E: chi.xu@appvision.com.au

Ascan Technologies

Ascan delivers test solutions from MHz to mmWave applications with powerful graphic software that connect ideas to reality


Cadence is a pivotal leader in electronic systems design, building upon more than 30 years of computational software expertise. The company applies its underlying Intelligent System Design strategy to deliver software, hardware, and IP that turn design concepts into reality.

Cadence customers are the world’s most innovative companies, delivering extraordinary electronic products from chips to boards to complete systems for the most dynamic market applications including hyperscale computing, 5G communications, automotive, mobile, aerospace, consumer, industrial, and healthcare.

For eight years in a row, Fortune magazine has named Cadence one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For.


Faraday Pty Ltd is Australia’s foremost specialist electromagnetic shielding company, providing design, installation and testing of EMI shielding systems for almost any application.

Faraday design, install and test shielding solutions for a broad range of industries including defence, industrial testing, MRI, medical and research.

Faraday can also provide a range of RF and EMF consultancy services to assist in assessment of feasibility, planning and performance of new and existing facilities.


Keysight works with innovators to push the boundaries of engineering to design, emulate, test, and deliver breakthrough electronics. Whether you’re looking to improve product experiences, optimize and secure your network, or get a head start on technologies like 5G, 6G, electric or autonomous vehicles, IoT, or quantum — Keysight accelerates innovation with intelligent insights built on the most accurate measurements to reduce risk and speed time-to-market. Forge ahead with confidence knowing your new technologies have been designed and tested for our increasingly connected and dynamic world.


NSI-MI Technologies is the premier source for advanced RF measurement solutions for aerospace, defense, satellite, wireless applications and beyond. Our elite team of experts oversee every step of the design, construction, and system integration process, with a broad customer service network for long-term support. Whether investing in a turnkey system, a precision component, or a customized solution, we take your specific RF measurement requirements and execute a solution unparalleled in accuracy, performance, and quality.

You can always Test with Confidence™ at NSI-MI.

Conference contact:

John Wen
Strategic Account Manager Director, International Business Development
NSI-MI Technologies
19730 Magellan Drive, Torrance, CA 90502 USA

Simultech Australia

Established in 2000, Simultech Australia has grown to become a leading supplier of professional solutions for Antenna Measurement Systems, EMC Chambers and Controlled Environmental Testing. We supply an extensive range of test chambers including EMC Chambers, Antenna Measurement Chambers, Climate Test Chambers, Stress Test Chambers, Corrosion Test Chambers, Vibration Test Chambers and many more to leading companies and institutions throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We also are proud to be the EKO distributors for Australia and New Zealand providing a wide range of speciality instruments for solar radiation measurements.

As a specialist company focused solely on the field of Test Chambers, Simultech staff have in-depth knowledge and experience. A strong commitment to after sales support delivered by our team of factory trained technicians has defined Simultech amongst its customers as a “preferred supplier”. We constantly strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

We have a strong commitment to after sales support, which is delivered via our expert team of factory-trained technicians. From maintenance contracts and regular calibrations to repairs and depot-level refurbishments, we can ensure that your equipment is kept in tiptop condition.

Conference Contact:

  • Sandeep Patel
  • Technical Sales Specialist
  • +61 466 908 209
  • sandeepp@simultech.com.au


As a mmWave total solution provider, TMYTEK dedicates to solve all the mmWave challenges in 5G/B5G era with our members of mmWave and software integration experts.

Not only can we provide mmWave products and services, we are able to integrate them with software control which makes it very user friendly.

TMYTEK aims at Radio Unit (RU) and implements the 5G FR2 phased arrays with advanced Antenna-in-Package (AiP) technology, integrating RU total solution along with DU & CU solution partners. We position ourselves as the high-performance RU innovator. For mass production line, our XBeam resolves the slow OTA testing issue to fulfill the hundred millions of mmWave modules, smartphones, and base stations to be tested before shipping. ORAN has listed TMYTEK as an alliance contributor

Bronze Patrons


Simuserv was established in 2002 to provide high quality simulation consulting services to a range of industries. Since its formation Simuserv has been involved in work ranging from small one-off consulting projects to the technical management of large onsite programmes involving teams of analysts. Our experience spans many industries including: Automotive, Packaging, Railway, Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Mining.

At Simuserv we’re excited about solving structural problems and getting the most out of our customer’s products.

We believe that Computer Aided Engineering is much more than simply using the simulation software. Experience has shown us that people are the key to obtaining representative and valuable simulations. All our Engineers are highly qualified with up to 16 years of technical experience in the field of simulation consulting, this provides the foundation to truly understand and solve the most complex of applications.

We always promote a close working relationship with all our customers. We understand that simulation is most effective when it is considered as an integral part of the design or problem resolution process. Indeed, our customers often have an extensive background in their respective fields, simulation should be used as a tool to supplement and build on that existing knowledge base.

We operate in Australia and New Zealand.

If you are looking for a partner to help improve your products or analysis capabilities; Simuserv can help.

IEEE Financial Disclosure

ISAP2022 is financially sponsored by ISCITA (ABN 78 580 581 267). ISCITA is a not for profit association formed in 2011 by Prof. Eryk Dutkiewicz. Current office holders are Prof. Eryk Dutkiewicz (Chair), Prof Xiaojing Huang (Vice-Chair), Prof. Ren Ping Liu (Vice-Chair), Dr Ying He (Secretary) and Dr Diep Nguyen (Treasurer). ISCITA was formed to act as a fianncial and contracting entity for international Engineering and Science conferences in Australia. ISCITA fills a role that Australian Universities no longer want, accepting the risk associated with running a major international event, but which international societies like IEEE insist is undertaken by a not-for-profit organisation.

ISCITA’s mission is to attract and run international Science and Engineering conferences in Australia. To date ISCITA has run the following conference in Australia with endorsement from societies including IEEE, IEAust, IEICE:

  • ISMICT2018 – International Symposium on Medical Information and Communication Technology
  • ISCIT2017 – International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies (2017)
  • ISAP2015 – The International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (2015)
  • WPMC2014 – 17th International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communication
  • IWAT2014 – 10th International Workshop on Antenna Technology
  • ISCIT2012 The International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies (2012)

Any profit from running ISAP2022 will be used by ISCITA to attract further international Engineering and Science conferences to Australia.

ISAP2022 is managed and underwritten by the conference manager, Academic Event Services (ABN 14 596 603 040) on a fee-for-service basis. Academic Event Services is owned and operated by Dr. H. W. Peter Beadle. Neither Academic Event Services or Dr. Beadle has an interest in ISCITA.