Online Presentations

While ISAP2022 is an on-site, in-person, conference the ongoing CoVID-19 pandemic means some delegates may not be able to attend in-person because of CoVID or CoVID related travel restrictions imposed by their countries.

To accommodate the unusual situation ISAP2022 has the following measures in-place for remote presentations.

  • ISAP2022 will run one or more online webinar style sessions for remote delegates.
  • The online sessions will only have online papers in a webinar format. ISAP2022 is not a hybrid conference.
  • Sessions will be run via the Zoom teleconferencing platform (
  • You will need a quiet, well lit, space and a computer with a video camera, and audio capability via a headset.
  • You should ensure your computer can run Zoom and that international Zoom traffic is not restricted in your country.
  • Delegates will be required to make their presentation live via Zoom at the appointed time.
  • As the audio and video stream is one-way, questions to presenters will be in English and will be sent via Zoom’s built-in instant message system.
  • ISAP2022 will make as much accomodation for timezone differences as possible within the conferences normal 9:00 am to 5:00 pm operating time. This means there will most likely be a 9:00am (AEST) online session and at 3:30pm (AEST) online session.
  • As Zoom is an unfamiliar presentation format, a webinar practice session will be made available to online presenters during the first day of the conference to ensure their technology works and they are familiar with the Zoom system.

Papers presented by one of the paper’s authors in the on-line sessions will count as having been presented in person at the conference.

There is no change to the the registration costs or requirements for online presenters.