ICC Security Update

Please find following a reminder to attendees of the International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP) 2022 at ICC Sydney 31 October-3 November, which will take place during the International Mining and Resources Conference & Expo (IMARC) within ICC Sydney’s Exhibition Centre, which has previously attracted large-scale protests, media attention and required significant police presence when held in other Australian cities.

There will be increased police and security presence across ICC Sydney at this time and there are steps that your event attendees can take to minimise any exposure to protest action.

  • DO NOT wear your name badge until you reach the security check in at ICC Sydney – only enter via the northern-most door to avoid the exhibition centre. 
  • If you are offered any protest handouts, please accept and DO NOT dispose of them until you are out of sight. 
  • Do NOT engage or debate or respond to invitations to converse with members of the public on your way to and from the event.
  • DO report any aggressive or threatening behaviour immediately to the many police that will be present or to the ICC Sydney team.
  • If you feel uncertain or threatened in any way, please approach the nearest uniformed officer to request assistance to access you event. They are there to help.

To ease your entry through the security check point at ICC Sydney, please remember to have:

  • Proof of Identification (photo ID)
  • Confirmation of your registration

ICC security have a list of pre-registered ISAP2022 delegates.